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How to Access Defence Health Services in Australia

By Apricus Health

6th September 2023

When it comes to the health and well-being of Australia’s Defence Force members and their families, access to quality healthcare services is essential. But it isn’t always clear where to find it or what can be claimed under the Defence Health Program.

If you’re seeking guidance on how to access Defence Health Services in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the needs of Defence members, the healthcare available under Allied Health Services, and how Apricus Health — Townsville’s leading occupational therapists and physiotherapists — have been instrumental in providing healthcare to defence force members and their families for over two decades.

Bridging the Gap for Defence Health Services

With our steadfast commitment to high-quality care across all life stages, Apricus Health is proud to have a strong link with Australia’s Defence Forces. We understand the unique challenges of Defence Force members and their dependants, many of staff are ex-serving members or dependants. Allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of therapies tailored to the needs of Defence Force personnel and veterans, such as:

Post-Injury Rehabilitation

Many Defence Force members and veterans live with chronic pain or conditions as a result of their service. At Apricus Health, we invest in innovative rehabilitation and therapy services to help with pain management and recovery. 

Pain Management

Apricus Health therapists can provide holistic pain therapy for ADF members or veterans with chronic or persistent pain. We look at all aspects of your lifestyle – sleep, exercise and movement, nutrition, mental wellbeing, social connections, and occupation / purpose. We’ll help you manage your pain through traditional occupation therapies as well as innovative technologies such as red-light therapy, InterX therapy and neuromuscular dry needling techniques.

Hand Therapy

Upper limb injuries can be incredibly debilitating, whether temporary or chronic. If you’re suffering from an injury, wounds, burns, scars, or other upper limb conditions such as a repetitive strain injury, our accredited hand therapists can help facilitate your recovery.

Disability Support

Apricus Health is dedicated to providing exceptional disability support to ADF members and veterans with a variety of disabilities supports— for both physical and cognitive conditions. We focus on improving your day-to-day functioning and achieving your goals. 

Mental Well-being

Some of the most chronic conditions that ADF personnel and veterans suffer from aren’t physical but mental. Our occupational therapists provide compassionate mental health care — as well as a social isolation and loneliness program that can connect patients with community groups and programs.

Accessing Defence Health Services

If you’re wondering how to access defence health services, then don’t worry — defence force members and veterans across Australia receive comprehensive health benefits. All you need to do is find an extras provider who is an accredited practitioner of allied health services — such as Apricus Health in Townsville.

Can You Claim for Defence Health Services?

Occupational therapy and physiotherapy can often be claimed through your private health fund. If your health fund includes extras cover on occupational therapy or physiotherapy, you can claim for part of your treatment with us. We are a registered extras provider with HICAPS, meaning you can receive your services rebate on the spot!

In addition, the ADF Family Health Program — open to recognised dependants of permanent ADF members and reservists on continuous full-time service — pays the gap for Allied Health Services, and Apricus Health is proud to be a contributing certified practitioner of occupational therapy and physiotherapy, both of which fall under Allied Health. All approved claims for Allied Health Services are deducted from your family’s allocation of funds, which has doubled with the most recent financial year to $800 per dependant. This allocation is also able to be pooled into families.

What all of this information boils down to is: if you’re a Defence Force member, you can combine your ADF family health program benefit and your private health insurance extras cover to minimise your out-of-pocket expenses for allied health services.

Apricus Health: Contributing to Defence Health for 25 Years

Apricus Health is committed to providing high-quality care for people in all stages of life. Our care includes rehabilitation, hand therapy, disability support, and mental health services for Defence Force members, reservists in full-time service, veterans, and their dependents. We accept private health insurance and ADF family health program cards— so you can minimise your out of pocket expenses while receiving the highest quality allied health care. 

We have been proudly serving Defence Force members and their families in Townsville for over 25 years. If you’re a Defence Force member looking for a certified practitioner of allied health services in Townsville, North Queensland, get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We’ll be there for you and your family every step of the way.