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Having an injury to your hand, wrist or arm can stop you in your tracks. Whether you’ve fallen and broken your wrist, worked a little bit too hard on the computer, popped your finger while catching a cricket ball or simply finding your fingers don’t move quite the way they use to, we’re here to help.

Do I Need a Referral?

No, you do not need a referral to see one of our hand therapists. To book in for an initial assessment give us a call or send us an email.

Our Accredited Hand Therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists assess and treat many upper limb conditions including:

  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Sprains
  • Wounds
  • Scars
  • Burns
  • Chronic pain
  • Trauma: severe crush, lacerations or amputations
  • Peripheral nerve injuries – carpel tunnel syndrome, radial tunnel syndrome and ulna neuritis
  • Tendonopathies – a painful condition involving the breakdown of cartilage in your tendons eg tennis elbow, golfers elbow, De Quervain's and trigger finger
  • Conservative and post-operative after joint replacement
  • Arthritis management
  • Focal dystonia
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Sports injuries
  • Workplace injuries and
  • Shoulder injuries: rotator cuff, bursitis, frozen shoulder. 

Our hand therapists are passionate about keeping up with the latest advances in hand therapy and surgery including technologies such as InterX and Low Level Laser Therapy. We work closely with consultant orthopaedic surgeons, hand surgeons, general practitioners, rheumatologists, sports physiotherapists and referring doctors.

Orthotics / Casts

Orthotics, splints, and casts are used by hand therapists for a variety of reasons:

  • to protect healing tissue or broken bone
  • to correct deformity
  • to support inflamed joints
  • to immobilise repaired structures and improve function through correct positioning

We use a range of casting material dependent on the needs of our client. The casts are moulded either above or below the elbow, dependent on the fracture. Fiberglass casts are more durable and lightweight than plaster casts. They come in a variety of colours and designs and are normally the first choice for casting at Apricus Health. Special waterproof cast liners may be used under a fiberglass cast so the cast can get wet without falling apart.

Thermoplastic splints / orthoses 

Thermoplastic splints / orthoses are a great alternative to casts particularly in the hot North Queensland weather. Thermoplastic splints are waterproof, light yet very strong and rigid for maximum support. The splints come in a range of coloured plastics and strapping. The hand therapists at Apricus Health are all trained in the custom measuring, fabricating and fitting thermoplastic splints / orthotics. 

Exos Braces 

Apricus Health offers Exos braces, the world’s first dry heat, fully customizable and adjustable, waterproof splinting, casting and bracing system. The closure system enables our clients to remove the brace for easy skin and brace hygiene and with the Exos braces being waterproof, you don’t have to miss out on water activities. Great for kids and adults alike! 

Braces and Off-The-Shelf Splints

Apricus Health stocks a huge variety of commercial thumb, wrist and elbow braces.  We often see clients who have purchased a brace from a chemist, which is not right for their condition. Eliminate that risk – our hand therapists will ensure that you are fitted with one that is suitable for your needs, size and condition.

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