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Our Team

Our expert allied health team is dedicated to applying innovative care to help you achieve happiness and health. Apricus Health is your partner on the road to recovery and to living a whole life.

Emily Adams View Bio
Emily Adams

Administration Assistant

Hannah Anderson View Bio
Hannah Anderson

Occupational Therapist

Sophie Arbouin View Bio
Sophie Arbouin

Therapy Assistant

Kellie Broodbank View Bio
Kellie Broodbank

Therapy Assistant

Lauren Chapman View Bio
Lauren Chapman

Occupational Therapist – Practitioner of Hand Therapy - Ayr Clinic Manager

Cassandra Chiesa View Bio
Cassandra Chiesa

Founder - Head of Clinical Services - Occupational Therapist - Accredited Hand Therapist

Aaron Cook View Bio
Aaron Cook

Head of Operations

Abbey Clark View Bio
Abbey Clark

Operations Manager

David Fielding View Bio
David Fielding

Occupational Therapist - Community Team Leader

Kerry Garbutt View Bio
Kerry Garbutt

Occupational Therapist - Graduate Coordinator

Caleb Galea View Bio
Caleb Galea

Occupational Therapist

Charlize Gomersall View Bio
Charlize Gomersall

Administration Trainee

Alyssa Gomes View Bio
Alyssa Gomes

Therapy Assistant

Natalie Harbour View Bio
Natalie Harbour

Occupational Therapist - Disability Team Leader

Hunter Hawthorne View Bio
Hunter Hawthorne

Administration Assistant

Zachary Isaac View Bio
Zachary Isaac

Occupational Therapist

Liana Kennedy View Bio
Liana Kennedy

Occupational Therapist

Alison Lenton View Bio
Alison Lenton

Occupational Therapist

Alexandra Lord View Bio
Alexandra Lord

Occupational Therapist

Jenny Lye View Bio
Jenny Lye

Administration Team Leader / Finance Manager

Juliet Milne View Bio
Juliet Milne

Occupational Therapist - Hand Therapy co-Team Leader

Ann Murray View Bio
Ann Murray

Finance Assistant

Joanna Murray View Bio
Joanna Murray

Founder - CEO - Occupational Therapist

Letitia Power View Bio
Letitia Power

Physiotherapist – Accredited Hand Therapist - Hand Therapy co-Team Leader

Anita Richardson View Bio
Anita Richardson

Therapy Assistant and Administration

Denae Sinton View Bio
Denae Sinton

Occupational Therapist

Heather Smith View Bio
Heather Smith

Administration Assistant

Lachlan Smith View Bio
Lachlan Smith

Occupational Therapist

Lara Spicer View Bio
Lara Spicer

Occupational Therapist

Kelly Treggalles View Bio
Kelly Treggalles

Occupational Therapist - Paediatrics Team Leader