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The hand therapists at Apricus Health are all trained in the custom measuring, fabricating and fitting splints and orthoses:

  • to protect healing tissue or broken bone
  • to correct deformity
  • to support inflamed joints
  • to immobilise repaired structures and improve function through correct positioning.

Thermoplastic splints

Thermoplastic splints are a great alternative to casts, particularly in the hot North Queensland weather. Thermoplastic splints are waterproof, lightweight yet very strong and rigid for maximum support. Low profile custom moulding gives the hand and arm the

comfort to move, and the freedom to continue normal activities. The splints come in a range of coloured plastics and strapping. The hand therapists at Apricus Health are all trained in the custom measuring, fabricating and fitting thermoplastic splints. 

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Braces and Off-The-Shelf Splints

Apricus Health stocks a huge variety of commercial thumb, wrist and elbow braces.  We often see clients who have purchased a brace from a chemist, which is not right for their condition. Eliminate that risk – in providing the hand therapy North Queensland trusts, we will ensure that you are fitted with one that is suitable for your needs, size and condition. 

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Exos Braces

Apricus Health offer Exos braces, the world’s first dry heat, fully customizable and adjustable, waterproof splinting, casting and bracing system. The closure system enables our clients to remove the brace for easy skin and brace hygiene and with the Exos braces being waterproof, you don’t have to miss out on water activities. Great for kids and adults alike!

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We still use a range of casting material, dependent on the fracture. Fiberglass casts are more durable and lightweight than plaster casts and are normally the first choice for casting at Apricus Health. Special waterproof cast liners may be used under a fiberglass cast so the cast can get wet without falling apart. Our neuro therapists are also trained in casting for hypertonicity and muscle contractures.

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Our therapists are trusted by general practitioners and surgeons to provide fracture care and acute injury management.

We offer same day emergency appointments for fractures and dislocations, with or without a referral.

Don’t wait around all day (or night) in a hospital waiting room. Our Hand Therapists are experts in assessing fractures and organising x-rays. Health fund rebates are available and often cover most of the costs of the consult and splint or cast.

Call our team to book an appointment at one of five clinic locations: 07 4755 2337

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Fracture Care Costs

We understand that life's little accidents can be an unplanned expense and so we do our best to keep your out of pocket expenses to a minimum. Our fracture care appointments including below elbow splints / orthoses or casts are capped at $225 for children <12 and $275 for 12years to 99 years. We aim to maximise your available rebate if you have private health insurance extras cover - with most insurance companies rebating 65-100% of orthoses costs depending on your level of cover.  Due to factors beyond our control, we are unable to provide your orthoses rebate at the time of the appointment but we will issue a justification letter to your health insurance which you can submit with your invoice to claim your refund.  As all health funds differ, please seek clarification from your health fund if you are reliant on a rebate. 

Please note additional products such for swelling management / wound care / liners if required will warrant additional fees. Feel free to discuss the cost of equipment with your treating therapist during the consultation.

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