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Smart Backpacks for Happy Kids and Workspaces in Townsville

By Apricus Health

23rd January 2024

Smart Backpacks for Happy Kids and Workspaces in Townsville

As the school bells ring and children excitedly head back to the classrooms, it's essential to pay attention to their overall well-being. At Apricus Health, we understand the importance of starting the school year on the right foot. This blog post sheds light on how to make sure that your little ones are safely carrying their school back packs.

Proper Size:
Choose a backpack that is proportionate to your child's body size. The backpack should not be wider or longer than your child's torso and should not hang more than 10 cm below the waist.

Adjustable Straps:
Opt for a backpack with padded, adjustable shoulder straps. The straps should be wide enough to distribute the weight evenly and can be adjusted so that the backpack fits snugly against the back.

Correct Loading:
Teach your child to load the heaviest items closest to the back and centre of the backpack. This ensures that the weight is distributed evenly and reduces the risk of muscle strain.
Multiple Compartments:
Choose a backpack with multiple compartments to distribute the weight evenly and keep the contents organized. This helps in preventing the contents from shifting and creating an uneven load.
Limiting Weight:
Encourage your child to carry only the necessary items. The backpack should ideally not exceed 10-15% of your child's body weight.

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