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Wrap with Love: Inclusive Gift-Giving Tips

By Apricus Health

18th December 2023

Wrap with Love: Inclusive Gift-Giving Tips

This holiday season, our team at Apricus Health want to share three techniques for accessible present wrapping. Our reel showcases inclusive ways to make the joy of gift-giving a warm and playful experience for everyone.

Technique one involves using a rip tie or pulley to open paper-wrapped gifts, catering to those with limited hand movement or anyone who may need a little extra help. For friends with sensory difficulties, our second technique suggests using a comfortable fabric of their choice for wrapping, ensuring a delightful and stress-free unwrapping experience. Lastly, we recommend using a drawstring bag for those with dexterity challenges, adding an element of anticipation to the gift-revealing moment.

Join us in making this holiday season truly inclusive and filled with love. Let's wrap and unwrap the magic together! 🎁✨