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Apricus Health sponsors Townsville City Netball

By Apricus Health

8th May 2023

Netball is a sport that has been enjoyed by Australians for decades, and it is not difficult to see why. With its fast-paced nature and focus on teamwork and communication, it is a game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels.

Recently, Apricus Health was given the opportunity to be a sponsor of the Townsville City Netball Association, something our co-Founder Cassandra Chiesa jumped at (excuse the pun).

"I loved playing netball throughout junior school, senior school, university and then as an adult! It's a sport that can grow with you. My girls are still very young, so for them, it is such a great sport for experiencing teamwork, communication, and skill building - although they just think they are out there having fun!"

For Cassandra playing netball is a tradition she is proud to keep in the family. Her niece Mariam Hall (16) has been a member of the Marian Vixens netball club for over 5 years. She made her debut in the club’s Premier League team last year which was a highlight for her being one of the youngest on the team. She has represented Townsville City Netball at the State Age Netball Championship from 2019 to 2021 and has been awarded MVP four times through her time in representative and club netball. She has recently returned from Brisbane where she played as part of the Northern school girls' 16-19 years team at the Queensland School Sports Netball state championships at Nissan Arena.


Cassandra with her niece and campaign ambassedor Mariam Hall. 

Cassandra's daughters playing on the Townsville City Netball courts. 

Netball and Inclusion

Natalie Parsloe the Operations Manager for Townsville City Netball Association was asked how she felt the game of netball has evolved over the years. She said.

'Netball has evolved in various ways to be the popular sport it is today. The format has evolved to include various formats such as Fast 5, through to Walking Netball, to ensure every Australian can pick up a ball, throw on a bib and play to their capability.'

When asked about the growing inclusivity of netball Natalie commented.

'Netball as a sport delivers many opportunities for community engagement as an accessible sport across metro and regional locations including schools. Netball is very active in inclusiveness and provides opportunities for players from young children chucking on a bib for the first time all the way through to players wanting to enjoy the sport at a more controlled pace with Walking Netball.  There has also been great success in men's netball with a strong increase in participation from boys through to men across the mixed and boys/mens formats.'

Treating Common Netball Injuries

While netball is a fun and engaging sport, it is not without its risks. Many netball players have experienced injuries and seek out the expertise of a hand therapist or physiotherapist. One of the most common injuries that Cassandra sees as a hand therapist is finger dislocations and fractures.


"It's a fast-paced game with finger injuries occurring from simply catching the ball in the wrong way or intercepting your opponent’s pass. The fingers can get injured by the ball hitting at the ends or by being bent backwards."

It is important to note that even a seemingly minor injury can have long-term consequences if not treated properly. Cassandra emphasizes the importance of early intervention for upper limb injuries.


"It's so important to act early with finger injuries to prevent long-term issues. If the injury has caused a possible dislocation or fracture, it is critical to see a health professional as soon as possible. Early x-ray can rule out severe damage, and even the need for surgery. Even a sprain will benefit from proper care to control swelling, reduced pain, and promote movement, ensuring the finger gets back to normal as quickly as possible."


Netball is fundamental in providing people of all ages and abilities the opportunities to improve their fitness and overall well-being. Not only does netball bring enjoyment to so many players, but it also fosters a sense of teamwork and sportsmanship that is beneficial both on and off the court.


"Netball is such a popular sport in North Queensland and is a game for all backgrounds, ages, cultures and abilities, so we can really reach so many families through this support. On a personal level, I spent many joyful hours playing for school, clubs and representative teams through Townsville City Netball, so it feels really good to give back!"